Using Your Talents in God’s Service at Ivy Creek United Methodist Church.

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.” – Romans 12:6

There are many ways to serve God through the church and its ministries. You might know where your gifts and talents are best used because you have served in ministries here or in other churches. You most likely know your talents because you use them every day. Below are some of the opportunities available at Ivy Creek UMC for you to use your talents within the church.

It is important to recognize that God alone is the source and giver of spiritual gifts. Our responsibility is to recognize that something has been given to us, and that we are expected to exercise due stewardship with regard to their use. Spiritual Gifts are divine abilities, special energies, and tools for ministry — distributed by God through the Holy Spirit to all Christians, according to God’s grace and design to equip and empower the Body of Christ to accomplish what God wants done in the world.

Spiritual Gifts are not to be confused with natural talents nor should they be confused with the Fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control), which are given to every Christian. Not every Christian has the same Spiritual Gift(s).

Spiritual gifts are:

  • Unmerited blessings from God.
  • Job descriptions for ministry.
  • A means for discovering God’s will.
  • Guarantees of effective service.
  • A means of efficient service.
  • Assurances for health and growth.
  • The revealed presence of the living Christ.


Motivation for using our gifts is not competition, false humility or pride, but arises out of our love for God and love for humanity.

Acolytes: Youth (at least 8 years old and tall enough to reach the candles on the altar in the sanctuary) or adults who perform ceremonial duties such as lighting altar-candles and assisting the clergy-person in worship. Acolytes are used at both 8:30 and 11 a.m. services. This service involves gifts of leadership, service, and listening.

Adult Education Volunteers: Individuals who are inspired to accompany others on an intentional discovery of Christ can lead a Sunday school class. Classes’ covers a wide variety of subjects and anyone interested in teaching a new class may work with the Certified Lay Minister to select curriculum. Persons gifted as teachers, leaders and/or administrators may volunteer to teach these weekly Christian education sessions on either Sunday or other days during the week.

Bereavement Committee Members: Helping others cope with grief is at the core of this ministry, which provides food and other assistance for church families who have suffered a death. It involves gifts of serving, mercy, giving, and encouragement.

Communications Team Member: Together, team members enhance the visibility of our church in the community through advertising, website and other means. The team also facilitates communication within the church through signage and other communications projects. Gifts called for include creative communication, administration, and helping/serving.

Congregational Care Team Member: Team members are assigned a certain number of church members for which they provide confidential care, support, and Christian love. Responsibilities include, visiting members in hospitals, and contacting persons by phone. This ministry uses gifts of encouragement, faith, knowledge, mercy, helping/serving, and shepherding.

Greeters: Persons willing to share their enthusiasm for worship with those who enter our doors. Greeters are important to each of our services and need not have knowledge about the inner workings of the church. Greeters welcome and seat worshipers, distribute bulletins, are given information regarding weekly activities and where classes are taking place on Sunday morning. Gifts used are hospitality and helping/serving.

Instrumentalist: – Playing an instrument for worship services.

Ivy Creek Chancel Choir: – This choral group is open to all interested individuals from age 13 and up. It is responsible for leading worship services throughout the year. The Chancel Choir meets every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. in the sanctuary. This group presents major choral works during Christmas and Easter.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers: – Serve home communion to a select number of shut-ins.

Lay Reader: If you can read and you would find fulfillment by sharing scriptural truth with other members you can serve as a lay reader. Readers share the scripture lesson for the 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. service each Sunday and at special services. Gifts include knowledge and communications.

Photographer/Videographer: Individuals with special knowledge and skills who are able to photograph new members, special services and church-sponsored events. These individuals serve on an occasional basis and use gifts of administration, helping, and creative communication.

Prayer Team Members: Serve on the weekly prayer team to pray for specific prayer requests.

Set-up/Take Down: Set up and take down Fellowship Hall for fellowship events.

Sign Ministry: Puts up and removes weekly messages about Sunday sermon and thought for the week.

Sip ‘n Chat Host: Provide and set out coffee and snacks following the 8:30 service.

Sunday School Teacher: The curriculum of Christian education and spiritual direction utilizing religious language, parable, sacred story, silence, and liturgical action is critical to help children in kindergarten through grade 5 become more aware of God’s presence in their lives. Parents and other adults who serve as facilitators and co-leaders will be committed to the children’s deepening relationship with Christ. All willing servants will commit to one or more Sunday’s per month. This role calls for the gifts of teaching, listening, evangelism, hospitality, and helping/serving. Servants will be screened due to the nature of the work and are required to complete Child Protection Training.

Sunday Nursery: Meaningful relationships with Christ can begin at a young age. Parents, grandparents and other adults who provide childcare assistance during our regular Worship Services and special events enable children to worship in their own way. All people working with children at Ivy Creek are required to take Child Protection Training every three years. Spiritual gifts include hospitality, encouragement, and helping/serving. Servants will be screened due to the nature of the work.

Ushers: Ushers understand the process of the worship service and seek to facilitate the worship experience for others. They collect offering and assist with communion and serve at special worship, memorial, and funeral services in addition to weekly Sunday services. Gifts include helping/serving, faith, hospitality, evangelism, and encouragement.

Worship Committee: Members prepare the sanctuary to glorify God through worship. Members polish the church’s brass, prepare the communion elements and the altar in the sanctuary for all communion services. Persons gifted with helping/serving, leadership, hospitality are invited to participate.

Youth Sunday School Teacher: Parents and other adults who lead or co-lead small group and large group experiences with Middle School and High School youth create a learning environment that fosters spiritual growth and friendships. Servants commit two hours weekly over the course of six months to one year, including class preparation, and leading the class. All servants are screened due to the nature of the work and are required to complete Child Protection Training. Spiritual gifts called for include teaching, encouragement, evangelism, knowledge, and faith.