Monday July 31, 2017 through Thursday August 3, 2017


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The Christian Arts Academy at Ivy Creek UMC offers classes in the arts while exploring a biblical theme. The Academy is open to all children in the community, ages 4-15 and is offered free of charge. This year, we will explore stories of refugees and immigrants in the Bible, focusing on the challenges they faced, the gifts they brought, and the hospitality God calls us to offer Strangers in a Strange Land.

All family members are invited to attend our group singing and devotions. A light meal or snack will be served each night. After four evenings of working in their chosen arts, on Friday, we will have our final gathering and gallery opening. During this time, we will have performances, demonstrations and other types of sharing from the classes, followed by dinner and time for browsing the art “exhibits”.

Classes are led by experienced practitioners of the arts and with the help of many classroom assistants. Preschoolers and rising Kindergarten/1st grade students will have their own classes, and adults are invited to participate in a Bible study led by Pastor Ed Rigg.

Students ages 7-15 will choose two classes, many of which will be geared to their particular age group, and some of which will include students of all ages. Learning takes place in a fun and relaxed environment. Give careful consideration to your first six choices, and register as soon as possible, as some classes have very limited space. Classes may be combined or canceled depending on interest level. If you know you will miss one or two nights or the Closing, please register for classes which do not include group presentations or week-long projects (marked * on the registration form). Please note that some of the courses have minimum age requirements. After July 15th, students will be scheduled by the camp director, and we will be unable to change classes for students. Ask for help in choosing appropriate classes if needed!

Questions? Please e-mail the CAA director, Emily Rosson at or call the church office at 973-4793.

Please mail completed forms to:

Ivy Creek UMC
674 Woodlands Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901
E-mail completed registration to

Once your registration has been received, you will receive a confirmation email. Adults who would like to participate as classroom assistants are most welcome and should request a volunteer form.

Please join us for this fun-filled week as we praise the living God through the Arts.

~CAA Course Descriptions~

Crafts : Multi-media, multi-cultural, multi-discipline potpourri of activities. We can guarantee good, clean, messy fun.

Dance: It may be Liturgical, it may be Irish, it may be Salsa… Let’s dance when the Spirit says dance !

Prints and Paints: Use various objects, materials and techniques to create unique prints. Wear your grubbies!

Digital Photography: Bring your own camera and learn the art, design, and composition of photos.  We will practice portrait, landscape, macro, and abstract photography.

Bread-making (ages 10+): Get your hands messy as you learn the subtle art of making different types of bread.

Mosaics*: Use broken stuff to design and create a lovely stepping stone for your garden.

Music*: Sing, play, rejoice, repeat.

Drama*:  Younger students will use puppets to work on original and prepared skits. Older campers will make costumes, build sets and learn lines for superhero play.

Circular Loom Knitting*: Use a circular loom to create beautiful, colorful, functional knitted pieces.

Carpentry*(ages 10+): Power tools! Hammer-swinging! Lots and lots of sanding. Did we mention the sanding???

Stained-glass*(ages 12+): Gorgeous designs and color. The most fun you can have with a soldering iron.

*Please sign up for classes marked with an asterisk only if you will be present all week.